Leveling System

Points will be given for:
0.5 = Being on Task
0.5 = Completing Assignment
0.5 = Positive Behavior
0.5 = Actively participating

A total of 10 points per day can be earned and will be evaluated and assigned throuout the day. A total of 50 possible points for the week can be earned and applied to the advancement within the SSKI programs level system. Points can be earned but not lost. Once a student has earned points they can not be removed. No more than 2 points per class period and no more than .5 per lunch, bus, Academic Lab and Breakfast can be earned within a single day.

 The level system is based on a 4 tier system that enables the student to work his/her way towards additional privileges and the ability to phase out of the SSKI program to the general education setting. Levels can be earned and lost according to behaviors. All students will begin the school year at Level 1 and have the ability to work their way out of the program on level 4 if all IEP exit criteria is met and approved by the IEP team. Students will progress through the levels as they earn points and will drop levels depending on the extent of their negative behaviors. Any suspensions or excessive referrals will result in returning to Level 1. The point sheet will be sent home weekly for parent review and signature and returned no later than the following school day. Failure to return signed Point Sheet will result in the loss of 0.5 points given of the total for that day until it is retuned.


Points needed to move to next level. Level Description
Level 1- Escort to lunch, restroom, and water breaks.  Free time at desk only.  Teacher's choice for independent reading.  Lunch will be eaten with SSKI program supervision.  Break is given between first and second period and third and fourth period.                                                                                        
Level 2-  Run errands for teacher.  Free time away from desk.  Listen to music while completing independent work.  Student choice for independent reading time. May attend SSKI field trips. Opportunity to earn snacks for break time.  May have the opportunity to work with a partner on certain assignments.  Opportunity to choose from options of various methods of assignment (PowerPoint, story board, poster board, 3D model)                                                                                  
Level 3- Out in general education part-time (1-2 classes). May eat lunch with peers without supervision.   No escort needed for bathroom or water breaks.  May bring with parent permission a personal gaming system to use during free time only.  Eligible for Golden Ticket events.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Level 4 – Out in general education full-time.  May eat lunch with peers and attend outside time without supervision.  Check-in basis only.  May attend school-wide activities to include field trips.  Have lunch with teacher.  

150 Points
250 Points