Mrs. Thompson

Welcome to Science!

Science is all around you! Science teaches us how to become effective problem-solvers in real-world situations.  While exploring science this year we will identify some of the ways it applies to our lives.  In addition to reading and discussing science content, we will design and carry out meaningful activities and draw conclusions based on our experiences. 


In 8th grade science we will build upon previous years of study as we explore Life Science.

In 7th grade science we will soar as we study and learn about Earth and Space Science.


We endeavor each day to make every learning minute count. With the exception of signed forms and miscellaneous items, students should only have Science homework if 1) they did not complete the assigned content work during class, 2) there is make up work from a missed class day or 3) labs or at home projects are assigned on an “as needed” basis.


We use a weighted grading scale. All grades are divided into one of two categories, Participation or Standards Based Learning. Examples of participation include coming to class prepared each day, returning signed paperwork, and appropriate behavior and levels of engagement during labs. Items that fall into the Standards Based Learning category may include assessments, lab sheets, bellwork, and Science Notebook Checks.

Late Work Policy:

Most of our work will be done in the classroom during our allotted class time. However, on the occasion that a student has to take something home it will be expected back the next time the student is in class. If a student is absent, that student is responsible for getting the work missed and turning it in within 5 days of the absence. A student who misses a lab will need to see me for options to make up that lab.



Students should always bring the following to class:

  • ! Pencils
    • (Disposable mechanical pencils or traditional.)


  • ! Folder in which to keep their labs.


  • ! Composition notebook
    •  (No spiral notebooks. Spiral notebooks do not hold up well over time and are not durable for an entire year.)

  • ! Silent reading book


Classroom Expectations.


Students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct as well as these classroom expectations:

  1. BE PUNCTUAL. Get to class, unpack, sharpen pencils, and start bellwork before the late bell rings.  
  2. BE PREPARED.  Bring all materials to class for each day.  If you need to borrow a pen or paper, do so before class begins.
  3. BE RESPECTFUL.  The “Golden Rule is my motto: do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  Follow all class and school rules. Do not talk while I am teaching or giving instructions.  If you have something to share, wait until you are acknowledged and then share. When doing class work, work quietly and mindful of others.  Take care of classroom materials.  
  4. BE RESPONSIBLE.  Do all your class work and turn it in on time. If you are absent, be sure to check the absent binder, learn what you missed, and complete any assignments given for that day.
  5. BE ORGANIZED.  Know where your materials are.  Know what you need to do.  Present your work legible and neatly.
  6. BE AN ACHIEVER. Do your best in everything.  Try your hardest. Aim for success.  Get involved and ask questions


Student Expectations: 

 1. I will always work, think, and behave in the best way I know how, and I will do whatever it takes for my fellow students and myself to learn.  I will communicate with Mrs. Thompson when I have a situation that needs attention (examples: I need extra time for work, I do not understand, I need additional help, etc.)

 2. I will turn in quality work. Quality work means the best you can do, completely finished and on time.

 3. I will always behave to protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom. 

 4. I am responsible for my own behavior, and I will follow the teachers’ directions.  If I make a mistake, this means I will tell the truth to my teachers and accept responsibility for my action


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