Retakes and Revisions of Low Scores
What if you don't like the score you received on an assignment or test?
  • Fix it
  • If it's an assignment and you didn't get a passing score, then I will return it to you to fix.
  • Fix it as soon as possible and turn it back in
  • 1/2 credit will be given to each correction (starting quarter 2)
  • You will have one week from the day it was returned to you to get it turned back in for credit
    • After that it will not be accepted
    • It will not be accepted once the quarter is over
  • If it's a test, fill out a Retest Request form to schedule a time to retake it.  If you have a low grade (not passing) on a test, the teacher will give you a Retest Request form in hopes that you will take advantage of bringing up your grade.  All passing test scores will be filed away in your file folder.
  • Retest times must be approved by the teacher
  • Times are mornings (8:00-8:30), last 20 minutes of lunch, or after school
  • Students who come in on their own time can get up to full credit for make ups
  • Don't be late for your appointment
    • You will be turned away if there isn't enough time to complete the test
  • Unexcused missed appointments will not be rescheduled
  • Excused missed appointments must fill out another Retest Request (you may copy the first one) and explain on the back why the first retest was missed and have it signed by a parent or guardian
  • Form can be found on the Retest Request and Revision Request link to the left on the scroll under "Retakes and Revisions of Low Scores."
  • If the teacher gives you your test back to make corrections during class time, only 1/2 credit will be given for each correction whereas you may get up to full credit for taking it on your own time.