Missed, Late, or Incomplete Work

What to do if you missed an assignment due to an absence:

  • Check my webpage calendar to find out missing assignment on the day you're absent or any day after

  • Be aware missed assignments will show up in the grade book on PowerSchool as a 0 even if the absence was excused 

  • Get make up work the day you come back if you were absent

  • Make sure you turn in any assignments that were due the day you missed with the words "absent" on it, so I don't mark it late.

  • Make up work must be done at home or on your own time 

  • Do not work on missed assignments during class unless all your other work for the day is complete
  • The teacher will ONLY ask you to complete the missed assignment first if today's work won't make sense until you do.  In that case, the classwork would become homework to catch up. 
  • You are allowed one day of make up for every day missed

    • Absent 1 day=2 days to do
  • Write "absent" on it when you turn it in so it won't be marked late 

  • When assignments done in class can't be made up at home students will be either given an alternative assignment or have to make a appointment to come in and work on it in class

  • Alternative assignments will usually require students checking out a textbook  from the school library to take home to complete the assignment
  • Library is accessible before school and at lunch
  • Students must have a pass to go to the library during class 
  • Students will not be sent to the library during class time unless they will not be missing any instruction
  • To make up an assignment in class, schedule a day and time to come in wit the teacher and write it on the back of the Responsibility Form
  • Planned absence?  Let me know in advance for work when possible

  • The sooner the better or I might not have time to get it to you 

What if you weren't absent?  What if you just forgot to turn something in?
This is also known as "Late Work."

  • Forgot to turn something in?   Turn it in late.

  • Late work= -1 point per day late until score = ½ credit of what would’ve been earned had it been turned in on time

  • Late work is better than a 0
  • See why below under "What happens to your grade if you get a 0?"
  • Work will not be accepted 1 month late or after the quarter has ended

  • Please keep up with PowerSchool to keep track of grades

  • See the link on PowerSchool to find out more about it
  • Be aware an assignment won't show up as missing on PowerSchool until the teacher has graded the assignments for the class and a 0 has been entered for it not being turned in
  • Next time, turn in the assignment when it is asked for even if it isn't done

  • See incomplete work below for more info

What if the assignment isn't finished when the teacher asks you to turn it in?
This is also known as "Incomplete Work."

  • Incomplete (partially finished work) is better than a 0

  • See why below under "What happens to your grade if you get a 0?"
  • Classwork that isn't finished by the majority of students will turn into homework if possible

  • Not all work is able to be taken home, so it is important to use class time wisely
  •  Students can request to take an assignment home to complete if they need more time than the rest of the class

  • I advise marking in your Villago Agenda (provided by the school) that you have homework, so you don't forget about the assignment
  • Turn it in by the next day for it to not be marked late
  • Not all work is able to be taken home, so it is important to use class time wisely
  • Students who need more time or other modifications due to an IEP or 504 will have their plans followed and adjustments will be made accordingly
  • Once again, it is better to turn in the work incomplete than not at all

  • In my experience, most students who don't turn in an assignment when it is due, will forget to turn it in later on their own
  • Please check PowerSchool to see if you are missing anything
  • What if turning it in incomplete means you get a bad grade on it?

  • See how to make up low grades under the page "Retakes and Revisions"
  • Once again, some credit is better than a 0, see below

What happens to your grade if you get a 0?

  • Scores of a 0 will bring down your grade

    • Example:  Let's say Rory Pond has 3 assignments.  The first one he got a 7/10 (70%=C).  The second one he got 10 /10 (100%=A).  The third one he forgot to turn in 0/10 (0%=F).  Now the teacher's grade book is showing Rory has 17/30 points possible (7+10+0 for the three assignments each worth 10 points). 17÷30=.567 (F).  Good thing Rory or his parents looked on PowerSchool and realized he was missing an assignment.  It was found in his backpack incomplete.  He finished the assignment and turned it in the next day.  Let's say because it was 5 days late, he still only got a 5/10 (50%=F).  But now, Rory has 7+10+5 for a total of 22/30 (73%=C).  It can make a big difference to have 0's. 
  • See "Grading Scales and Points" to better understand how assignments are graded

What to do if you lost an assignment and want to make it up? 


  • See Mrs. Panka to find out if there are extra copies of the assignment.

  • Follow the other information and instructions under the heading "Late Work" up above.
  • Make sure you have a folder to keep your science and social studies work in that doesn't stay in class

    • This folder should stay in your backpack to take work home and back

What to do if you thought you turned in an assignment but it's showing as a 0 in the PowerSchool grade book?

  • First check your classroom portfolio where all graded work is kept
    •  If it's there let the teacher know and resubmit it so she can fix your grade
      • Sometimes papers stick together or sometimes teachers make mistakes
    • If it's not there and I didn't return it to you, you didn't turn it in try the next step
  • Check your take home folder for that class
  • Then check your backpack AGAIN to see if you crammed it in there
  • If you find it, see the "Late Work" section up above on what to do
  • Check the no name box to see if you recognize your work
    • If it was a no name paper, but your name on it and turn it back in
    • It will lose points for your name not having been on it.
  • If you still didn't find it check at home
    • Find it?  Bring it in the next day and follow the "Late Work" directions
    • Didn't find it?  See "What to do if you lost an assignment" up above