Grading Scales and Points

This page explains how I score assignments.  
     It's a big transition for some students to come from standards-based grading to percentage-based.  Every assignment counts for points towards the total grade!  Assignments not turned in become 0's towards the total grade!  Assignments are graded based on either how many they got correct or how much they got finished.  Please don't discard unfinished assignments.  Clink on the appropriate link under the owl for more information on Missed, Late, or Incomplete Work, and Retakes or Revisions.  It is better to understand all this before progress reports or grades come out.  It also makes conferences easier if you already know how I grade.  As a parent myself, I highly recommend the PowerSchool app to help parents and students keep track of their grades in real time.  Click on the link to find out more.

How to calculate your grade from your score just takes a little math.  (Luckily, since I teach science and social studies and not math, I will ask you to grab your calculators.)  Take your score and divide it by the points possible on the assignment.  To get the percentage, multiply the answer by 100 and find it on the grading scale to figure out your grade.

Example: You get 19 points on a 25 point test.       19 ÷ 25= .76
.76 x 100= 76%
 76% = C grade

Grading Scale: Explanation: Example Scores:

•A= 90-100%   * 9/1090/1005/5
•All or Almost All Complete/Correct
•B= 80-89%  *8/10, 80/100, 4/5
•Most Complete/Correct
(Above Meets Expectations)

•C= 70-79%  *7/10, 70/100, 3.5/5
Enough Completed/Correct

•D= 60-69%  *6/10, 60/100, 3/5
•Not Enough Completed
(Approaches Expectations)

•F= 0-59%   *5/10, 50/100, 2.5/5

•Half or Less Completed/Correct
(Falls Far Below Expectations)