Essential Questions for Technology

Technology – West Lab

Instructor: Cliff Locklear

Homework: Technology projects require certain applications (specifically Microsoft Office 2016) to complete. Student’s access to these applications at home are varied and therefore I do not give or require homework. I am careful to allocate sufficient time during class to get all projects completed and assessed. If a student misses class I do not hold them responsible for work they have not been instructed on.

Arizona State Standards Goals:

  1. Students will use technology tools (primarily Microsoft Office-2016) to enhance learning, increase productivity and promote creativity.
  2. Students will use technology to locate, evaluate and collect information from a variety of sources in order to process data and report the results and conclusions based on that data.

Tech I & Tech IIIEssential Questions for 
2nd Semester - Weeks 1- 9

Essential Question 1
How might I aspire to and benefit from the highest levels of Social Interaction?
IWBAT... a) describe the four Levels of Social Behavior (as described by Dr. Darvin Marshall) b) Identify a key word/phrase used to indicate them?
c) Identify my current level of interaction in the classroom and make the decision to "change it" if I am to benefit from the instruction.
d) IWBAT...define and explain the primary classroom procedures and how they impact my learning.
(Tech ITech II)

Essential Question 2 
How might knowing and organizing digital media benefit you?
IWBAT...discuss is the importance of organizing digital media in a school setting?
IWBAT...create and utilize the basic components of a personal digital “file” system I will be using this semester? 
(Tech I & Tech II)

Essential Question 3 
How might a newspaper reporter extend a basic sentence?
IWBAT...explain the basic parts of a Simple Sentence and how we use the six news article questions (who, what, where, when, how and why) to extend these sentences with details? 
IWBAT...complete my non-fiction writing for the week by rewriting a "simple complete sentence" using "details" (parts of speech) that "expand" the sentence into exceptional writing.
(Tech I & Tech II)

Essential Question 4 
How will learning Microsoft Applications benefit my educational success?
IWBAT...explain the major correlations between applications tabs (in Word, Paint, PowerPoint and Publisher) in the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite?
(Tech I & Tech II)

Essential Question 5 
How is symmetry relevant to the creation of digital media?
IWBAT...identify, classify, categorize and modify various original and accessed digital images as possessing horizontal, vertical and diagonal symmetry.
IWBAT...explain w
hat "symmetry" is and how does this concept relate to realistic work expectations and present class projects? original "geos" (using five basic geometric forms provided) - relate to "life", artistic design and possible career opportunities? (Tech I)
IWBAT...identify, locate and replicate styles of  “symmetry” found in nature; and describe the three styles of symmetry we will explore this quarter.
IWBAT...explain how do these “styles” affect our projects / assignments in class.
(Tech I & Tech II)

Essential Question 6 
Why do we practice typing?
IWBAT...explain why is it important to choose “accuracy” over “typing speed” when typing for projects, reports and summaries?
IWBAT...memorize / access the "home row" of the computer keyboard and use it as a springboard to learning all keys by sight.
IWBAT...maintain a 95% or better Accuracy score on all assignments.
IWBAT...recognize and practice the correct posture and hand/finger skills for a sight-method of typing.
IWBAT...document my progress by creating a "screen shots" at the conclusion of each day's practice.
(Tech I)

Essential Question 7 
How and why does an understanding of symmetry enhance original images?
IWBAT...explain and demonstrate how our original images contain the essential element of symmetry.
(Tech II)

Essential Question 8 
Why is maintaining a Daily Journal beneficial?
IWBAT...access, download and update (on a daily basis) the designated Daily Journal from the District Folder to my Personal Folder in the West Lab Folder.
(Tech I & Tech II)

Essential Question 9 
How can developing my problem solving skills help me get a better job?
IWBAT...access the internet logic games "SugarSugar" / "Bloxorz", memorize the solution(s) to each stage and demonstrate my success in developing my problem solving skills.
IWBAT...create a screen shots validating and documenting my progress in problem solving.
 IWBAT...develop my sense of "problems" and persevere in solving them.
IWBAT...look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.
(Tech I & Tech II)

Essential Question 10 
How can learning computer programming (coding) be beneficial to my future?
IWBAT...During the "Hour of Code" event each student will access the internet site "" and complete the selected programs and lessons in computer programming.
IWBAT...create screen shots validating and documenting my progress in problem solving.
(Tech II)