Mrs. Cram's Homework Page
Homework pdf files can be found on my Calendar. 

is provided weekly from Monday to Thursday. There is no homework on Friday, unless a student has not completed all homework due to an absence. Homework is 20% of your students grade.

​Homework due dates: ​All homework is due the following day, except in the case of an absence. Absent students can collect their homework once they return to school and turn it in as soon as possible. 

​Homework points: ​Homework is worth 10 points unless otherwise stated. Homework will not be accepted late unless the student was absent. Points on homework are given based on completion not accuracy. As long as the student completes their homework, shows their work, they will receive the full 10 points.

Homework extra credit: This does not exist. Students must learn to discipline themselves into being responsible for turning in homework the following day while accepting the consequence for loss of points, a lowered grade, and/or a phone call home to discuss ways to support and improve the child's behavior so the child's grade does not suffer.