Mrs. Lorona


Welcome to Seventh Grade Language Arts!

 Our Classroom

The number one priority in our classroom is to create a safe, caring, and supportive environment.

Students engage seriously in their education and know we have clear high expectations in order for all of learners to achieve.  In our classroom, we celebrate our accomplishments and learn from our mistakes. We overcome obstacles using Grit and perseverance.

The Curriculum

Seventh graders will be focusing in curriculum that includes four modes of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Students will be reading literature as well as informative, nonfiction pieces. Writing will be incorporated with reading as they will be able to analyze, compare and contrast, and evaluate the literature and nonfiction texts. Students will be working with argumentative, informative/explanatory, and narrative essays. Along with the essays, students will write routinely for other tasks.

For speaking and listening, students will engage in collaborative discussions as well as presenting claims and findings through classroom debates and presentation.

**** Please note that as of 8/27/2018 I will not be updating the Calendar for lessons or homework. I will set up a different link titled "Lessons Calendar". Please bear with me as I transition to the new way of communicating or daily work.