Sra. Brenda Cruz Spanish

Welcome to Exploratory Spanish I-IV

Sra. Cruz

Hello my name is  Brenda Cruz.  I have been teaching Spanish for the past 17 years.  I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1984 with  a Bachelors in Merchandising/Marketing and with a minor in Accounting.  In 1998 I graduated once again from NAU with my Elementary Teaching degree.     I was born and raised in Douglas, Arizona, where in the 60's Spanish was not allowed to be spoken in and around the school. I felt, even at that time, that  the system was doing us a disfavor even though they were helping us master the English language.   As the saying goes, "Learn a language, share a culture, change the world." My hope each year is to spark an interest in our youth, to want to learn a foreign  language and connect with the culture and its people. I look forward to a new year and anxious to influence our youth in a positive and an educational way. 


 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS- Exploratory Spanish
What role do cognates play in the Spanish language?

IWBAT: write short phrases using numbers, colors and shapes by recalling the rule of grammar and the vocabulary. 

Homework: none today

How do students greet, respond and say goodbye to one another?

IWBAT: to ask how one is doing both formally and familar and respond to the question by recalling notes and the rules of formal and familar. 
Homework: Worksheet - Class assignment

What kinds of foods are staples in our diet?

IWBAT: name foods from the list of vegetables, fruits, meats and breads by recalling notes. 

TAREA: Name the foods and their English translation